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Learn your favourite Classic Rock Guitar Riffs right here.

Not just by hearing them and reading a TAB.

SEE them played - the best way to learn.

As a developing guitarist you want to play Riffs you recognise from your favourite songs.

 Classic Rock Riffs is for you, learn the Riff everyone recognises, build your repertoire right here.

>As great as TAB is, sometimes there's just too much information trying to indicate every small nuance and accidental heard on the record.  While great for the purist, and as an accurate analysis, it can actually make learning the riff harder as the notes giving the 'feel' of the riff can be lost in the tab of the barely heard accidentals which rarely even need to be played.

This is early days for this site, I'm planning on building a very large library of Classic Rock Riffs for you all to learn, help me give you what you want,
 email me with the Classic Rock Riffs you want to learn:

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